Society responsibility is our guidance of company culture and behavior in GS.

Respect to people is the foundation stone of our culture

The core value of GS, to treasure the humanity and pay respect to people, had been deeply rooted in our employees, and broadly applied to our customers, partners, society, and our surrounding environment.

Doing the business right, complying with Law

GS operation follows highest integrity standard. We believe all employees can fully comply with it, and commit to their own society responsibilities.

Being a leading technology integrator, changing people’s lives

At GS, our goal is very clear, to make this world better. By developing the technology, we focus on technology improvement, encourage and make a lead to people whom are needed. GS is determined to change people’s lives by being a leading technology integrator.

Cherish Mother Nature

GS works hard to protect the environment, and improve the life quality of our surroundings by releasing energy saving green products. It is our long term commitment to our customers, partners, employees, and society.

Operation Concepts

  1. By sharing the success with our shareholders, employees, and customers, we believe that:
  2. We’ll commit to customer satisfaction
  3. We’ll provide best customer service with our high quality and efficiency
  4. We’ll support our customer with continuously innovation competency
  5. We’ll use these concepts to create best value for our employees and customers
  6. We want to make Globaltech one of the major players in advanced technology by applying innovative design flow and appropriate technology.

Environmental policies

Full compliance with environmental Law & Policy. Produce environmental friendly products by restraining raw materials and materials which requires during manufacturing process to assure no harmful substances are contained.
Regular training and guidance about environmental mindsets provide to employees, so all GS members will pay attention to energy saving issue and indeed apply its concepts on daily routine activities.
To assert energy saving is the long term goal for all GS members. Having related department to formulate the rules and set a target on energy saving subject, and review overall completion regularly for future improvement purpose.