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High Input Voltage / Low Quiescent Current / Low Dropout Voltage Linear Regulator


Product Description

The GS53XX Series are the High Input Voltage and Low Quiescent Current Linear Regulator with Fixed 1.8V 3.3V 5.0V Output Voltage.


The GS53XX Series Includes a Voltage Reference unit, an error Amplifier, Resistor net

for Voltage Setting, a Current Limit Circuit.

These ICs Perform with Low Dropout Voltage.



n Input Voltage Range: 4.3V to 35V

n Output Current: 200mA

n Low Dropout Voltage:

  600mV at 200mA

  300mV at 100mA

  30mV at 10mA

n Output Voltage Accuracy: ±2.0%

n Low Supply Current: 1μA (Typ)

n Over Current Protection

n Fixed Output Voltage: 1.8V 3.3V 5.0V

n Miniature Packages:SOT-23L SOT-89-3L                         

n RoHS Compliant, 100%Pb & Halogen Free


n Standby Power Source

n Networking

n Home Appliance

n MCU Application












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