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. 2.5A,4.5V-21V Input,500kHz SOT-26 Synchronous ...



n High Efficiency: Up to 96%

n 500KHz Frequency Operation

n 2.5A Output Current

n No Schottky Diode Required

n 4.5V to 21V Input Voltage Range

n 0.8V Reference

n Slope Compensated Current Mode Control for Excellent Line and Load Transient Response

n Integrated internal compensation

n Stable with Low ESR Ceramic Output Capacitors

n Over Current Protection with Hiccup-Mode

n Thermal Shutdown

     Inrush Current Limit and Soft Start

n Available in SOT23-6 Package

n 40°C to +85°C Temperature Range



n Distributed Power Systems

n Digital Set Top Boxes

n Flat Panel Television and Monitors

n Wireless and DSL Modems

n Notebook Computer

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