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.New Release small package 2A,high-frequency

Product Description
GS5420 develops high efficiency synchronous
step-down DC-DC converter capable of delivering
2A load current. GS5420 operates over a wide
input voltage range from 4.5V to 16V and
integrates main switch and synchronous switch
with very low RDS(ON) to minimize the conduction
GS5420 adopts two operation modes, PWM
control and PFM Mode switching control, which
allows a high efficiency over the wider range of the
load. it operates at 600kHz under heavy load
conditions to minimize the size of inductor and
The GS5420 requires a minimal number of readily
available, standard external components and is
available in space-saving SOT-23-6L packag
„ 4.5V-16V Input Voltage Range
 90mΩ/70mΩ Low-RDS(ON) Internal Power
 2A load current capability
 High Efficiency : up to 96%
 Fast transient responses
 Over Current Protection with Hiccup-Mode
 Two operation modes- PWM control and
 PFM Mode switching mode
 Tiny SOT-23-6L Package
 RoHS Compliant, 100%Pb & Halogen Free
 Set Top Box
 Portable TV
 Access Point Router
 DSL Modem

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