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.Ultra Low Power Mobile EMI Reduction IC

The GSL304 is a versatile 1x Active EMI management IC designed to reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI) from clock and data sources, allowing the system wide reduction of EMI. The GSL304 allows significant system cost savings by reducing the number of circuit board layers, ferrite beads, shielding and other passive components that are traditionally required to pass EMI regulations.


FCC approved method of EMI attenuation Generates a 1X low EMI Phase Modulated

replication of the input signal
Input / Output frequency (Vdd 1.65V-3.6V  10MHz to 33MHz)

Multiple Deviation Selections (Refer product  table)

Power save mode
Operating Temperature -25oC to 85oC Available in DFN2x2-8L package


Mobile applications



Others where power and space are of key  importance 


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