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Semiconductor industry had become a mature industry nowadays. Under such highly competitive environment, GS has a strong faith in professionalism, experience, customer service, customer relationship, and enhancement of both employees and products. By using these elements as foundations, GS is aiming to become one of the key suppliers among power management IC industry in TW within next three years as first step, and targeting worldwide leading position in the near future.

“Family” is the fundamental thinking in GS’s culture. We expect all members of GS work together as a family, caring about, and supporting each other to create a better future. Integrity, enthusiasm, team work, and innovation are our common faith; we look forward for each members find the position that allows him/her stretch his/her talent freely.

The root company of GS (former Gigatech) is Goldentech-Taipei. Goldentech-Taipei was founded in 1994. Its major role of business at the time was working as an agency company for a well-known USA brand IC design company resides in Silicon Valley; with product line includes analog ICs, power management ICs, and PCMCIA chips used in notebooks. Time migration has taken an effect for Gigatech to be founded, and focus on power management ICs business. Foreseeing a strong cost structure will play a key role as strength in the future market trend, Gigatech incubated a talent team with designers from China and co-op with some European designing company, penetrating the market with its self-designed IC products under brand name GS. With several years of experience accumulated on marketing and quality control, GS had an opportunity to integrate with a well-known USA brand IC design company in 2008, and grow steadily toward its vision of becoming one of the major players among “power management IC” industry in TW within next three years.




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